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Frequently Asked Questions


All prices can be found on our service tab for eyelash extensions.

It’s less than 24 hours and I need to cancel, what should I do? 

I hope everything is okay! As of January 1, 2020, for cancellations made in less than 24-hours of your appointment the 50% deposit will be kept. to rebook you must pay the deposit.

I booked a refill but I will be needing a full set, what should I do?

Thank you for being considerate before the appointment and letting us know! Remember time is a big part of our work. Please contact us 24-48 hours before appointment so we can make sure we have enough time for a full set. 

I got a full set from another lash artist but would like to book a refill with you,

what do I book?

How long are the appointments?

Unfortunately, we no longer work on top of others' work. Way too many factors play a part in retention and we will not be held responsible for others' work. If you would like to get lashed by Diverse Lashes you must book removal and full set. If you have been getting extensions for a while we recommend taking a two-week break after removal.

All appointments vary depending on the service you are receiving. Our classic set can be as little time as 1 hr - 1.30 hr., while our hybrid set can be anywhere between 1.30-2.30 hr. We also take into consideration the number of natural lashes you have, the cleanness of your lashes, and the desired style wanted.

How long do they last?

Refills are recommended every 2-4 weeks depending on the set you receive. It is always recommended to pre-book refills before you fall under the 40% mark. If you come to the appointment and have less than 40% of extensions remaining, your appointment will be considered a full set and you will be charged accordingly.

Do they damage my natural lashes?

A simple answer, NO! Not if you come to Diverse Lashes at least! We can’t speak on other lash studios but can recommend great studios among Houston. Here at Diverse Lashes, we prioritize natural lash health by placing one extension onto one natural lash. Throughout the service, we go through and check four times or more to make sure they are perfect. We naturally shed 2-5 natural lashes a day, so sometimes you will see your natural lash fall out with an extension and freak out. I’m here to say it’s okay! It is normal to see that. There are a lot of factors you have to consider when getting extensions. We are a firm believer that the health of natural lashes is 30%/70%. 30%- From the lash tech making sure she/ he placed them right, used the right diameter and length and not too much glue. 70%- From the client. Clients aftercare is H U G E! Are you a crazy sleeper and like to sleep on your side and face? Are you still sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, even though we advised a satin and to lay on your back as much as possible? Are you cleaning them as I told you to? The answers no…? We can only do so much as lash artist, remember extensions are a luxury service and can become pricey. It is important to follow aftercare rules to save your natural 

Can I wear mascara with extensions?

Diverse Lashes does not recommend the use of mascara with extensions. If you absolutely have to we recommend an eyelash extension safe mascara. Before appointments please be sure to remove all mascara is used. If we cannot work because lashes are dirty a removal and A full set will be needed.

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