Our Mission

Diverse Lashes was established in 2018 by founder and CEO, Bria Sandoval. Bria chose the name “Diverse Lashes” to showcase the diversity in eye shapes, styles, lengths, and thickness of lashes. We are not your average lash studio, the name diverse has a lot to do with the culture of Houston, TX (where the company was founded) and we love to represent it! Whether you are buying our products or receiving a service, you are a part of something major! We hope to ruin the stigma that lashes damage your natural lashes. Through our platform, we hope to bring knowledge of safe lash products, practices, and aftercare. Overall bringing a good name to the industry. Lashes play a big part in pulling a look together. Either way, with our strips or extensions your lashes will always be glamorous

Our Services

Eyelash extensions are a growing trend in the beauty industry. What are eyelash extensions you ask? Eyelash extensions is a service where one extension will be placed on each one of your natural lashes. Length and thickness are up to you, but diverse experts are here to make sure they are safe and achievable! We have diverse styles to choose from so you will be able to find the perfect look for you! Diverse Lashes is also beginning their training career in 2020. Our course will be everything business and lashes for licensed beauty professionals. 

Our Products

We offer a diverse line of products. We offer top of the line luxury mink strips as an alternative to extension, we have supplies and tools for lash artist and also offer super cute DL merch and accessories! All our products have been hand-tested by lash artists and real people!

Diverse Babe